What To Expect From Microsoft’s Windows 10 Event On October 26

Microsoft is holding its yearly Windows 10 Press Event on October 26, 2016. Unlike last year’s event, it is being expected that Microsoft will make fewer announcements and a lot less hardware. So, what do we expect the announcement to be? Windows Central has provided us with what to expect from the upcoming event this year. Read on for more information.
Windows 10 2017 Features
Currently, Microsoft is testing its next major update which has been codenamed “Redstone 2” for Windows 10, for a few months now, issuing Insiders several preview builds so far, which goes on to include small tweaks as well as enhancements. Microsoft would hopefully be ready to detail some of the major features which have been planned for Windows 10 in 2017, similarly to the Windows 10 event which was held in January in 2015.
Some of these features may or may not include an Office Hub, which has been revealed just a few weeks ago, HomeHub, HoloShell, UWP File Explorer and many more.
We might also be able to find out when Redstone 2 will exactly be arriving for the public as the recent Insider builds have gone on to start referring to a Version 1703. However, as per the reports by Windowscentral, Microsoft is currently aiming for a March 2017 launch for its major Windows 10 update and it seems that the upcoming event on October 26 would be a good time to announce it.
Microsoft also has a second major update planned for Windows 10 in the year 2017, which has been codenamed Redstone 3, targeted for the launch later in the summer. It is quite doubtful if Microsoft will announce or showcase any planned features for this particular update. Well, you never know.
All – in – One Surface
The probability is that there is not much new hardware this year, a Surface All-in-One desktop (AIO) keeps popping up on our radar. However, as per ZDNet’s Mary Jo Foley, the device will go on to be codenamed “Cardinal” and it "could be positioned as a product that can turn your desk into 'a studio.”
As per the reports by Windowscentral, a home or living room has been focused as well, which could go on to tie the reports of Microsoft Home Hub.
However, details are still quite scarce, but it seems quite likely that the device would come with detachable display, inking support, and be modular in nature with add-on components. We also hear that the 4K resolution batted around along with several screen sizes with 27-inches being the most likely and reportedly, 21 and 24-inch versions are also being tested.
The Verge’s Tome Warren has hinted that the unique PC would come with a GTX – 1080 video card, which would be quite substantial for gaming. It has also been heard that Microsoft is currently recruiting “media influencers” in the gaming industry to attend the upcoming event next week, suggesting a gaming tie-in.
In fact, a high end video card will also go on to make this VR and AR ready. Combined with Windows Holographic being put in Window 10 in addition to some Project C games to the Windows Store and perhaps the Surface AIO will be a lot more then what we actually expect. Imagine a Surface powering 3D holographic experience.
Probability is that the co-branded Surface Keyboards as well as Surface Mouse will most likely be shown with the PC. One keyboard is small and minimalist while the other is ergonomic. However, these are just re-banded Designer Keyboard, Designer Mouse and Sculpt Keyboard designs which have been updated with some new tech and gray color scheme.
Just like all the Surface products, it is being expected that the latest device will be unique and also expensive.
As per the ongoing rumors, it seems that Microsoft is coming up with a competitor for Amazon Echo lined up for launching on its October 26 event. However, we do not have detailed update, but as per the reports, this device is related to Windows 10 features known as “HomeHub.”
As per the reports, the Amazon Echo competitors will be powered by Cortana, with an essentially smart voice activated speaker for the home. You will be able to ask questions, set reminders and also give commands for household appliances. Microsoft is positioning Cortana in the
Another features is the ability to store files directly on the device, like music, video and documents, allowing them to be streamed to any other devices available in the house. It is quite similar to the personal cloud server which would go on to work just like the WD My Cloud hard drives.
Most probable launches
Now, we will discuss about the products and features which we have heard about, but it would not be a surprise if they are not launched.
Surface to be refreshed with Kaby Lake
We currently do not expect Surface Pro 5 or Surface Book 2 this year, however we have heard the ongoing rumors of the redesign of hinge in Surface Book 2, we do not expect to know anything about this particular device until Spring 2017. However, we have heard some reports stating that the Kaby Lake would be refreshed for the Surface line.
Kaby Lake is the codename for Intel’s 7th generation Core i3,i5 and i7 processors, which goes on to bring reduced heat, double – digit bump in the integer performance, improved Speed Shift technology along with native hardware support for 4K HEVC encoding or decoding at 10-bit depths and VP9 decoding.
Project Centennial push for older Win32 games and apps
Even thought we know that this would be happening, we are not really sure of this would go on to be the big talking point at the upcoming event on October 26. Microsoft is currently working with the developers on bringing several Win32 games to the Windows Store with i