Re-Index Document Library or Custom list in SharePoint Online

Here I have explained everything. Whenever we encounter a problem related to Search in SharePoint Online or after searching an item it does not return a result then we must use the following procedure.

  • Go to your List in SharePoint where you must search items.

    List in SharePoint

  • Then go to your List Settings.

    List Settings

  • Then click on Advanced Settings.

    Advance Settings

  • Then click on re-index list.

    click on re index

  • Then click on re-index list.

  • Then click the OK button.

  • Then go to your top-level site collection and click Site Settings.

    site collection

  • Then click on Search and offline availability under the Search Link.


  • Then click on re-index site.

    re index site

  • Then click the OK button.

  • Then it will take 6-8 hours to propagate the changes.

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