16 Reasons To Use Drupal’s Ubercart for Creating Shopping Cart On Your Ecommerce Store

If you want to run an online store/ecommerce website, you must integrate a shopping cart on your site. However, if you are using Drupal Content Management System, Ubercart can be the best option for creating a shopping cart. There are various strong reasons that emphasize over the use of Ubercart such as search engines friendly features, secured apps, protected payment gateway, flexibility of use, easy modification, etc. Learn in detail why you must use Ubercart for integrating a shopping cart on your site.

If you wish to set up framework of a shopping store that enables visitors to buy from your website, you need to integrate a basket into your website to carry out the purchases just like shopping pushcarts used at local shopping places. Now the question is: why one should use Drupal’s Ubercart for creating shopping cart on ecommerce stores? Well, before we discuss this question, let’s talk a little bit about these three elements:
  • Shopping Cart
  • Ubercart
  • Drupal

What is a Shopping Cart

Shopping cart is a program that integrates catalogue and other related database with your website.It is a widely used metaphor especially by the websites that sell online products and services. What can you do with it?

  • It is a kind of a catalogue where buyers read about the products and make selections.

  • The users mark checks and prefer to put double check the products they want to purchase along with their prices and quantities.

  • The users may also edit the list of products in case of any mistake.

It is a simple way to shop but the real challenge is checkout process, which requires personal information and money transfer. Luckily, there are various services that deal with this type of money transactions such as Ubercart.

What is Ubercart

Ubercart is the perfect way out for you! It is an exceptional shopping cart that completely assimilates with your online store. Without any doubt, it is one of the best shopping cart programs to sell online products, setting up subscription for membership and collecting online payments.

What is Drupal

It is an open source content management system widely used by the developers and marketers. Even those internet users who wish to create website but don’t have necessary technical skills can use Drupal to create websites easily.

Combination of Drupal and Ubercart

Ubercart is completely assimilated with Drupal, a leading open source CMS that achieved Packet Publishing 2008 Open Source CMS Awards. The combination of these two programs implements everything you require to sell products online. All the proficient web developers who belong to diverse e-commerce industries can easily use Ubercart which supports physical goods, digital downloads and subscription based billing services.

6 Key Factors That Make Drupal a Perfect Option for Creating an Ecommerce Store

  1. Drupal is Search Engine friendly: An Ideal Forum for e-Trading

    You surely want your customers to get a prompt access to your website while searching. Drupal makes your website noticeable to Google which gives an easy access to your online store that ultimately results sales of products.

  2. Drupal is a Safe and Secure Application System: Eliminates Security Risks

    You surely want your customers to trust in your security system. It provides ease to developers to write secure code. Drupal makes sure that the information of your customers as well as of your online store is kept secured and way from the reach of hackers.

  3. Drupal is a Multipurpose CMS: Built Product Markets

    Customers always look for the sites that give more options than just to place orders. A multipurpose site provides blogs, product reviews, and platforms that appeal customers to visit your online store again. All these elements can be easily added to your online shopping store if integrated with Drupal.

  4. Web Developers Are Increasingly Using Drupal’s Ubercart

    Anyone can start their e-trading with Drupal and the demand is increasing rapidly. Therefore, companies as well as individuals now prefer to use Ubercart as a secured option.

  5. Drupal’s Services: A List of Themes is Available Along With Consultancy Services

    Drupal.org provides ready-made themes. It doesn’t matter if you want to create something from start or you just want to convert a simple design into a web store theme, Drupal provides all these services.

  6. Web Developers Can Customize Ubercart Features: Upgrade Easily

    Meet the demands of your clients which means you do not have to change the source code every time you add a new element to Ubersart.

10 Key Factors That Make Ubercarta a Perfect Solution for Shopping Cart Integration

  1. Configurable Product Catalog

    To showcase the groups and types of the products, you can use catalog pages.

  2. Creation of Product: A Flexible System

    You can easily create usual products by default. By using Drupal’s content construction kit (CCK), you can provide any additional information about the products available on your store.

  3. Products Features: Easily Modifiable

    You can easily create selectable attributes of the products for users, which can modify the price, model, or weight of the stuffs when the customers add them to their shopping carts. There is an option to set default attribute/option sets for every product category, so that many similar products can easily be created.

  4. Checkout: Single Screen Checkout

    All the information of checkouts is collected on a single page so that the checkout panes can be customized; replaced or added to the default set.

  5. Anonymous Checkout: Automatic Generation of Account

    By using customers’ email addresses, accounts and emails can automatically be generated. The optional setting enables users to identify account names and passwords in checkout. For the user who come back, they can easily access from the checkout page as the previously used address would be listed there.

  6. Order Process: Order Screens Designed Especially for Salesmen

    Order screens utilize the "pane" model, for the screens being configurable and extensible to facilitate diverse applications of e-commerce.

  7. Order Creation and Editing: Line Item System

    You can manually create orders for the clients; add products, shipping charges, discounts, coupons and many more from a single page.

  8. Integrated Payment System: Assimilation of Payment Methods

    It provides an easy way of payment which is acceptable in all modes such as check, credit card, etc and this facilitates payment gateways like Cyber Source, PayPal, etc.

  9. Logging Activity: To Check

    This enables logging to see the changes made to an order or in payment processing.

  10. XML Import/Export:

    This feature enables you to import/export products, attributes, orders, and customers from your previous store to Ubercart or from your Ubercart store to others respectively.

Final Words

The urge for adaptability and evolving things make you to use simpler and effective things. Every ecommerce website has a distinctive arrangement for meeting modern requirements of ecommerce industry. Therefore, Drupal has always been enhancing its main frameworks to make it simpler for web developers to address related issues.