Introduction To ASP.Net Identity in MyGet


In this article I am describing the new feature, ASP.NET Identity, available in the NuGet Package. Now you can get the ASP.NET Identity NuGet Packages for nightly builds also. It is available on MyGet.

In that context, the ASP.NET Identity nightly build is to be pushed to the MyGet Package to integrate with the other project templates, like MVC, WebAPI and frameworks like Entity Framework.

Configuration of NuGet Package

To make this new feature available, you need to configure your NuGet Package Manager. Use the following procedure for that.

Step 1: Open Visual Studio and create an application.

Step 2: Open Manage NuGet Package by right-clicking on your application.

Manage NuGet Package

Step 3: Click on the Settings.

NuGet Package Settings

Step 4: In the next Options wizard, add another package source and enter the following details:

Name: aspnetwebstacknightly


NuGet Package Options

Update this new package and close it.

Step 5: Open the Package Manager Console and enter the following command:

Install-Package Microsoft.AspNet.Identity.Core -Pre

Package Manager Console

Now you have successfully added the Identity from MyGet,

Guidance to use Nightly Package

Microsoft provide this facility in MyGet with which the developers can access the new feature and easily get it.

  • Microsoft transfers this at the end of their nightly build, but if there is any cause for failure then there will be no package.
  • We can say that, if you do not enter the pre-options at the end then it is possible that you cannot access it.
  • There is no guarantee to move this pre-option to
  • The build process does not create a symbols or source package. It will be fixed later by the Microsoft team.  


So far this article describes the new availability in the MyGet Package from the settings. There are also some advice that are useful before using this new feature.

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