Introduction to Team Foundation Server in Visual Studio 2013 Preview


Today, in this article I am introducing how to connect Visual Studio 2013 Preview to the Team Foundation Server. Team Foundation Server (commonly known as TFS) is a product of Microsoft. TFS helps developers to offer source controls, data collection and reporting for collaborating Software Development projects. The following are some important steps to connect TFS with Visual Studio 2013 Preview:

  • Create Visual Studio Account
  • Sign In with Microsoft
  • Team Project Creation
  • Connect Visual Studio to Team Project

Create Visual Studio Account

At first, you need to create an account of Visual Studio for your team. The Account Creation of Visual Studio is as follows:


Sign In with Microsoft

You need to sign in with your Microsoft account for creating a Visual Studio account. If you are not signed in then sign in as follows:


If you do not have a Microsoft account then you need to sign up for the creation of a Visual Studio account.

Team Project Creation

When you have a Visual Studio account, you can create a team project. To create a team project the procedure is as follows:

  1. Select "New Team Project" in your Visual Studio account home page.

  2. After selecting New Team Project, a new wizard opens and in it you need to insert the Project Name, Description and choose the Process Template and your source control provider for creating the new project.

  3. When you click on Create Project button, a new wizard opens in which you can view your Team Project Information.


    In the Process Template, there are various options that define how to manage the work, such as Scrum Project, a general Agile Project or a CMMI style project. Select the best template for presenting your project to the team.

Connect Visual Studio to team project

After creating the team project, you can connect your team project to your Visual Studio IDE. The steps for connecting your team project with your Visual Studio 2013 Preview are as follows:

  1. If you don't have Visual Studio 2013 Preview then install the Visual Studio 2013 Preview. You can also upgrade your Visual Studio 2012 with Visual Studio Upgrade 3 (Final Release) for Visual Studio 2013 Preview.
  2. Go to your home page of your team project and select "Open new instance of Visual Studio" for connecting the team project.

  3. After selecting the preceding option, you need to open your Visual Studio 2013 Preview with your Microsoft account and now you can use check in source, queue builds and manage works.



In this article I introduced the important steps for connecting a Team Foundation Server with your Visual Studio 2013 Preview. You can also upload your application code to your team project. In the next article I'll try to introduce how to upload your app code to your Team Foundation Server (TFS). 

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