Configure a Custom Domain Name For a Website: Windows Azure

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Today we are here to help you configure a custom domain name for a website you have in Windows Azure.


First of all let's talk about the prerequisites for this brief tutorial.

  • Domain from any domain provider (Godaddy in my case)
  • WindowsAzure subscription (Not a free one)
  • Access to both portals.

Configuring Azure Websites

So, you are now ready for configuration of your custom domain. First of all open the WindowsAzure portal of where you have deployed your web.

Click on your website in the tab "Websites", now click on "Scale" and check the "Shared" option there.


Now, go to your "dashboard" option after saving it.


Hopefully you will be able to see the option for managing the domain.

Managing Domain

Before you manage your domains go to your portal. Login there and open your domain manager.

Managing Domain

Click on "Edit Zone" in the case of, else find the option where you can add CNAMEs and manage A Records.

Edit Zone

Wow, here you see the portal opened. Now you must do a few things.

  1. Go to your Windows Azure "dashboard" and click on manage domains.

  2. At the bottom you will find an IP that will be shared for managing A RECORD.

  3. Copy that IP.

  4. Open your domain portal.

  5. Add a A Record "@" and point it to the IP you have copied and click on "save zone".

Great, so you are ready to do more. For pointing the traffic you need to add a few CNAMES, 2 for a web deployed on Windows Azure.

  1. Find the option for adding CNAME records.

  2. Add a new CNAME.

    awverify.<domain> [pointing ] awverfy.<website name>

  3. Add another CNAME.

    awverify.www.<domain> [pointing ] awverfy.<website name>

  4. You will need to point your www CNAME record to "@".

  5. Save the zone file. You will have such a result.

Checking CNAME Propagation:

To check that either your CNAME records are properly propagated I suggest you make a link where you can check this: Check Here!

CNAME Propagation

In the preceding diagram you see tha, awverify points to awverify.mydomain (CNAME).

Check for both:

  1. awverify.www.<domain>
  2. awverify.<domain>

Adding your Custom Domain

When you are done, return to the Windows Azure portal, Dashboard -> Manage Domains.

Add your domain name there, you will find a screen as follows.

Custom Domain

You will see a Green check that notifes that your domain is valid to be attached here.

Click on the big check and you are done. So, this was an easy and simpler way to configure a custom domain name for a website deployed on WindowsAzure. I hope you enjoyed this.


You may find a Red sign instead of a Green checkbox, that will happen if there is something wrong with the CNAME or the A records of CNAMEs haven't been properly propagated.

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