Generate File Plan Report in SharePoint 2013 and Office 365

Hello Readers!

On a day that your boss arrives and asks you if there is a way to generate a report for his/her library and here it is what you will need to do.

  • Open the Document Library and go its settings.
  • You will find a link as in the following “Generate file plan report”.
  • Click on it.

  • You will be asked to provide a location where you want the report to get generated.
  • Once you click OK, You will see the message below.

  • The report will be generated, click there to view it.

  • The generated report will be divided into Summary, Retention Details and Folder Details.
Under Summary we will have details like:
  • Site:
  • URL:
  • Description:
  • Report Generated
  • Created By:
  • FolderCount:
  • Item Count:
  • Versioning:
  • Require Content Approval:
  • Draft Item Security:
  • Source of retention schedules:
  • Has Records:
  • Has Items on Hold:

  • Along with the details is Content Type as in the screen below.

  • Then we have the category Retention Details.
    This will store the details of the items in a library as retention details.

  • Then we have a category as Folder Details.
    It will store the folder details as in the folder name, path, number of items in that folder and the level of permissions it has.

So here is a quick report that gets generated providing you with all the deep dives into the details in your library. Until then, Keep Learning.