Hide Like And Comment Icons From A Blog Site In SharePoint 2013 And Office 365

Here's an article on how to hide like and comment icons from a blog site. Usually we get this requirement that the users don’t want someone to like or comment on their posts. That is is something strange but still we need to fulfill that requirement.

So, how will u do it?

  • JavaScript, CSS ? No you can’t do with that because you cannot keep on adding those files to each and every post manually.

  • Master Page? Most of the developers don’t have access to it, so what do we do?

Let’s see here.

Kindly find the steps to hide like and comment icons from the posts.

To hide the like button

  • Go to List Settings of the Posts list which you will find in Site contents.

  • Under Content Types
    content type

  • Click Post.

  • Under Columns, click on the field Rating (0-5).

    Click on the field Rating

  • It will open the following screen.

    Site column information

  • Select the option Hidden and the like button will not appear.

To hide the Comments

  • Comments are seen from an external list so we have removed the permissions of everyone from that list. Hence except Site Collection admin users, no one can see the comment option.

    You can find this list in Site contents. Go to that list settings, then Permissions and Make it as Unique level of permission. After that delete everyone except your own and hence when you go to the posts the Comment option will not be visible to other users.

Was it not a quick and easy approach, keep learning.


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