Site Templates Part 14: SAP Workflow Site in SharePoint 2013 and Office 365

Welcome to the 14th and the last default Site template, SAP Workflow Site in SharePoint 2013/Office 365, this will be the parts of my article stating “Site Templates in SharePoint 2013/Office 365”. Here we will see what the components available are. We will see what SAP Workflow Site template provides us.

Click on create a new site, the following form opens.

  • Title and Description:

  • Web Site Address: Here you can make it different from your default site name.

  • Template Selection: Here you have an option to select the language and to choose a site from a template having many options.

    Here in this article we will be seeing SAP Workflow Site under Duet Enterprise group so select it.

    Template Selection

  • Permissions: Here you can assign permission to the site directly either by inheriting the permissions from the parent or assigning it unique permissions.

  • Navigation Inheritance: Using this option you can inherit the same navigation as your parent site.

    Navigation Inheritance

  • Click on Create, It will create the site.
Welcome to the SAP Workflow Site, as in the screen below we can see the Home Page of the SAP Workflow Site.

Let's see what it has for us.

sap workflow site

Welcome to SAP Workflow site, here on the home page we have:
  • Left Navigation

    On the left navigation we can see My Workflow Tasks and Site Contents as shortcut links.

  • Center

    On the center we have a view for the list MY SAP Workflow Tasks. This task view you have a link to “Show Completed Tasks”. Or “Hide Completed Tasks” as in the screen shot below.

Site Contents

Site Contents

For Site Contents we have:
  • Power BI: Microsoft provides comprehensive BI tools that integrate across Office applications and other Microsoft technologies. These tools enable analysis, reporting, dashboards and visualizations.

  • Related Actions: It is a place where we can store an URL, Notes and the completed Status of a SAP Workflow. As in the screen shot below we can see the view of the list.

    Related Actions

    Here we can see the form to enter the URL, the Notes and the completed Status of a SAP Workflow.

    enter the Url

  • Related Links: This list is used to store the related links of the site. Here is the view below of the list where it will be storing the URL and the notes to their related links.

    Related Links

    In the following we can see the form to enter the form contents as URL and notes.

    contents as Url
Site Settings

Finally we can see the site settings, that you can see from the previous blogs on Site Settings in SharePoint 2013 at C# Corner.
Link: Site Settings in SharePoint 2013.

Site Settings

Here was the last default template present in Office 365 or SharePoint 2013 as SAP Workflow Site. We have many things to see in Office 365 and SharePoint 2013.

Until then Keep reading &, Keep learning.


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