Accessing Isolated Storage Data of Windows Phone 8/7 Applications

Most of you have been getting mad when accessing the Isolated Storage folder of your app by typing commands into the command prompt like this by giving your App product id.

you product id
Figure 1: Product id

So to make the accessing easy now we have a new tool called "IsoStoreSpy" that is a very helpful tool for access using a GUI interface. So first download the software from the following Link.

Be sure to download the version that suits your environment as said in that page.

Now open the tool.

Figure 2: IsoStoreSpy

Click on the Settings icon in the middle or the top-left side of the tool.

Now you need to select the device.

select a device
Figure 3: Select a device

If you are running on the device then select Device or else Emulator. If you are running on an emulator then please install the app in the emulator and be sure the App is Not Running. So that this tool can access your app's settings file or correspondingly in the phone just install the app and be sure the app is not running.

In my case I am running in an emulator so I'm selecting the emulator.

running in emulator
Figure 4: Running in emulator

Now hit Select and by default it will show the app settings like this:

Figure 5: App settings

If you expand the Visual Tree of Local you will get a SQLite DB file like this:

Figure 6: SQLite database file

Now you can export or import this SQLite DB to your PC like this:

Figure 7: Export or Import this SQLite DB

Select 2 for downloading SQLite file to your PC.

downloading SQLite file
Figure 8: Download SQLite file to your pc

Now you have successfully exported your SQLite file of your app to the selected folder.

So now to open this SQLite file you need SQLite Studio. You can get it from Link.

Like this:

SQLite Studio
Figure 8: SQLite Studio

Where you do several actions as you need on your data.

If you have any doubt then please comment below.


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