Social Media May be Your Next Brand Ambassador

Web and mobile based technologies that turn communication into interactive dialogues among organizations, communities and individuals.


social media
This is a very famous fact for the business world and social media is the best platform to proving it. A survey says more than 52% of your business's online activities are covered by Social Networking. We have 1.8 billion Internet users worldwide, so let's proceed and learn some more tips and tricks for Social Media.

engaging audience

I have realized that the following points are necessary before promoting your business or platform through social media:

  1. Have a conversation with your team. Make some notes and talk with all the communities of the company.
  2. Set what is your target audience.
  3. Set and research the time for creating your posts, blogs or forums.
  4. Create a relationship with your community influencers.
  5. Encourage people to pass on information about your library.
  6. Think about the simplest and best content.
  7. Select the right tools: Blog, Social Sites (Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn).

So these are some points that should be explained before going online. There may some more important, interesting and audience engaging points. You can get there points to your friends. Keep doing your research.

Here four points are given for engaging your audience towards your business or Website. You are using all the points, but need to provide good direction and dimension. You are writing blogs, you are posting in Facebook, you are Tweeting and you are engaged with forums. But for a business, do what is at least a little effective and profitable.

Let's talk about Blogs:
The blog should have the best and most sexy title for it's content. The reader's first attraction is to its title, not the content. Try to tell them something they don't already know. Always try to revert on blog comments. Take a stand and develop your voice for the best quality of blogs. The content should be accurate. You can find a little bit more about content by the image given.

Content stretegy

This was a little bit about content management for blogs. Now let's talk about the tools, like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and so on.

social media web sites

These are some tools that can help to promote your business or venture. They all have many types of audiences, all have all types of mediums (text, image, audio and video). And much more.


  • In Twitter you should talk to people about their interest, the characters are limited (140), so try to make the best lines. You can post URLs and pictures. # tag plays a very important role for promoting you alert.

Trick: (140 characters), the best practice is to keep it to 120 or less as in the following:

  • Makes it easier for followers to re-Tweet
  • Use HashTags (#) to organize content
  • @reply starts a conversation
  • Curate content by linking
    Csharp Corner twitter

The first thing for Facebook is that it needs good likes for the page or a large nyumber of friends in the profile. Then for engaging the AAM AADMI you need to make Interactive Wall posts. They should be in the form of Announcements, Pictures, Video or Text. Similar to that, good and interactive posts provies good likes, comments and make it viral.

Trick :
Posts should be simple and small; the message should be clear. For any event you can make an Event. For engaging the special audience make groups.

If your content is good and interactive, I'm sure it will provide good results.

LinkedIn is a professional network from here you can get a professional audience of a standard level. This network may provide good help on finding Employees and business leaders for business meetings. You can share your job posts there.

These are the important tools for social networking. There are an unlimited number of others you can find and start using. Always remember that the tone of your content should be conversational, open and transparent. Never use any communication that hurts the reputation of others.

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