Change the Default Signature in Windows 8 Mail


In this article we explain how to change the default signature in Windows 8 Mail. This is done when sending from Windows Mail. When we make the switch to Windows 8, and use the Mail app, we'll probably want to change it to something more informative or turn it off.

Procedure for changing the signature in Windows 8 Mail

Step 1

First of all we have to move to the Windows 8 Desktop, and launch the Mail app.


Step 2

Then move the cursor to the bottom-right of the window screen and click the settings box.

Step 3

After that we click on Accounts.


Step 4

Now select the account we want to change the signature fo.


Step 5

Scroll down and change the signature in the field where the default one is. Or, we can turn off use of a signature completely.


Step 6

After changing the Signature, we can close out the "Account Settings".


Step 7

The change will be immediate, there's no save button to press.