Tweak Multi Monitor Taskbar in Windows 8


In this article we are going to explain how to tweak the new multi-monitor Taskbar in Windows 8. In Windows 8, the new Taskbar spans multiple monitors, and can be customized so that the Taskbar buttons on each monitor are the buttons for windows open on that monitor. If we choose Taskbar, then we can also make both Taskbars show all windows.

How to tweak the new multi-monitor Taskbar in Windows 8.

Step 1

First of all we have to move to the Desktop of Windows 8.


Step 2

Then right-click on the Windows 8 Taskbar and select the properties option.


Step 3

Once there, we'll see the "Multiple displays" section at the bottom of the dialog, where we can quickly check the box to enable or disable showing the Taskbar across displays.


Step 4

The "Show Taskbar buttons on" drop-down lets we choose where the buttons appear.

For example, the screenshot at the beginning of this article was from the primary Taskbar, and this one is from the Taskbar on the second monitor.


Step 5

If we want to make bigger Taskbar buttons on the second monitor, then we can also change the button in the other Taskbar's setting.


It is a simple process and we've probably already come across this if we've spent more than a few minutes in Windows 8, but for those that haven't, it's great to know that Windows 8 finally gives us a multi-monitor Taskbar.

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