Create Shortcut For Setting the Account Picture in Windows10

As we know we can use multiple accounts in Windows 10 and if you are familiar with Windows 10 then you should definitely understand that it allows its users to set an account picture for their specific account. The account picture that you set will be seen in the Start menu and also when you log in to Windows 10. You can select your picture from anywhere on your system or you can also take a picture from the web cam. Not only can you set your account picture, you can also change your picture whenever you wish to.

The following is the procedure to create an Account Picture shortcut:

  1. Right-click on the desktop, a context menu will appear. Click New and then select Shortcut as in the following screenshot:

  2. After clicking Shortcut a new dialog box will appear on the screen. Now you need to copy and paste the following code snippet into the Type for the location of the Item:

    %windir%\explorer.exe %localappdata%\Packages\windows.immersivecontrolpanel_cw5n1h2txyewy\LocalState\Indexed\Settings\en-US\AAA_SettingsPageAccountsPicture.settingcontent-ms

  3. Click on the Next button.

  4. When you click on the Next button a new dialog box appears. Here you can provide any name to the shortcut of your Account Picture. Type any name and click on the Finish button.

  5. Now you will see a shortcut that has been created on your desktop. Right-click on it and select Properties.

  6. A new dialog box will appear on your screen. Then select the Shortcut tab and click on the Change Icon button.

  7. Copy and paste the following command into Look for icons in this file and press the Enter key.


  8. Select the Picture icon and select an image that you want to appear:

  9. Click OK and again click on OK on the Properties window for saving the changes.


By using the preceding procedure you can create a shortcut for account picture setting. After creating shortcut of Account Picture setting you can pin it to the Task Bar and the Start menu. When you click on the shortcut you will be able to change your account picture.