Retrieve Accidently Deleted Files and Folders in Windows 8

This article shws how to retrieve your files and folders that are accidentally or deliberately deleted from the drives or even from the recycle bin.

If you maintain your file history in the system, then it is easy to restore your deleted files back into the system from the file history.

Learn how to Setup File History in Windows 8.

Here are steps to Restore Deleted files in Windows 8 with the help of File History.

Step 1

First, I create a text file named "Gaurav" that I will later delete.


Step 2

Now, I have deleted that file from the library using the Shift+Del key. This will also delete it from the recycle bin. Now, there is no such file residing in our system.


Step 3

It's time to recover the file that was accidentally (intentionally) deleted.

  • Go to the location where the file resided earlier.
  • Now, go to the Home menu and select History.

Step 4

The File History window is opened that contains all the files that are to be saved in the library including the deleted file. Scroll until you find your deleted file.


Step 5

Select the file and click on the Blue Orb to restore the document.


This will take effect immediately and your deleted file will have been restored in the exact location from where it was deleted.