Sending and Receiving emails from MS-Outlook in VB.NET


This article will explain, how to send or receive emails from Microsoft Outlook 2007. To send or receive emails from email server we need to configure the POP (Post Office Protocol) and SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol) in Outlook. In Outlook we can create multiple accounts and each account has the unique POP, SMTP, E-mail ID and Password. These credentials are very important while configuring the Outlook.

Steps to Configure Outlook 2007

Step 1:

Start Outlook 2007 from start menu, you will face 'Outlook 2007 Startup' windows. In this window you have to click on next button.


Step 2:

Now a new window 'Account Configuration' will appear. In this window you have to select 'Yes' option button and then click on next button.


Step 3:

Now a new window 'Add New E-mail Account' will appear. In this window you have to enter the correct credential of email account. Outlook 2007 will automatically configure the SMTP and POP names of email id. Note: Internet connection should be on.


Step 4:

Now it will take some time to configure the settings. At the ends of the process click on finish button.


Step 5:

Now the appeared window is Outlook having at-least same as email id interface.


Step 6:

Now if you want to send the pending emails or receive the emails from the discussed email id, you have click on the 'Send /Receive All' menu option.


Step 7:

Now 'Outlook Send/Receive Process' named pop window will appear and it will take some time to process it. After the process ends, you will see all Outbox emails are sent and Inbox has some new emails.


Step 8:

If you want to send a new email then, you have to click on File menu and click on Mail Message option. Now a new window will appear to write a new email. Click on the Send button at the end. Now you can see this new mail placed under Outbox area. It will be send when you click again on 'Send/Receive' option from Tool menu.


Step 9:

Because I have sent above new mail to myself so, it will be receive as a new email in Inbox also.


Step 10:

Now, if you want to add more email ids here in Outlook 2007 you have click on Tool menu and now click on Account Settings. In appeared window click on E-mail tab and now to add new account click on new option there.



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