Overview of Traditional and Modern Way of Software Testing


Figure 1: Way Of Testing

There are two or more types of everthing in the world, like traditional as well as modern. Similarly testing has also passed a traditional as well as a modern era where various organisations still make use of traditional testing techniques. We will view the differences between both in this article.

Traditional Software Testing

We all know the SDLC where the testing phase comes at the end. The old traditional way of software testing normally comes after the build and execution stage.

  • Requirement
  • Design
  • Code and Build
  • Testing
  • Maintenance

This is the great problem with the traditional approach where the testing phase occurs at the last where we find the bug at the final stage that becomes very expensive and time consuming. If we could have found them earlier then this would save everything. The bug determined at the maintenance phase is N times more expensive than finding it earlier. Only so the modern way of software testing has emerged.

Modern Software Testing

This is mainly introduced with the consequences of traditional software testing.

  • Requirement: Testing
  • Design: Testing
  • Code and Build: Testing
  • Test: Testing
  • Maintenance: Testing

Here comes the earlier testing where a testing process starts happening from the beginning. If there are any flaws in the requirements then we can easily determine that at the earlier stage and cut it off. The developers understand the client's requirements clearly, we can test it out.

During the design phase we can verify with the design documents whether this satisfies the client's requirement as well covered all scenarios. We are also able to suggest ideas to the architecture designed.

During the third phase we can create a set of functional test data and even unit testing with what has been built. And finally in the test phase we can test as with all the scenarios we have noted from the beginning that will be very easy to test.

Maintenance is easy since we will understand the application end to end since we have travelled through all the phases. Testing in maintenance is very easy.

Thus the traditional and modern ways of software testing have been explained.