C# Corner Hyderabad Chapter Meet, 13 December 2014 - My Personal Experiences

The C# Corner Hyderabad Chapter User Group Meeting was an overwhelming and a very successful event. There was full CRUD on that day. It was an awesome event and was very successful, the audience participated very well and each speaker enjoyed presenting their session to such a great audience.

It was a breakfast seminar at Microsoft corp. pvt. ltd, Hyd on 13 Dec 2014 presented by the C# corner Hyderabad chapter User Group. This seminar is a fast-paced introduction to various web programming for .NET developers. The event was a fascinating mix of surprises and the predictable related to the web world.

Speakers represented and shared their wide knowledge on many topics like Windows Phone Programming, WCF and so more. This event was fruitful for me as I am a .NET developer.

More and more boasts I got there.

Oh! The event had a full audience, full of enthusiastic energy and full of knowledge. Briefly speaking, an inexpressible show for the day. The event succeeds in its intent to familiarize the attendees with an elementary introduction. The entire crowd was interested in the event that caused an extension of the official time of the event for more than half an hour. An incredible experience for the day on my professional field.

Grateful thanks to C# Corner team to organize such an event. I hope we will again meet on your next event in our city very soon.

Some of the images I am sharing for that event that I found from the official FB page of C# Corner Hyderabad.

Thanks to the C# Corner team once again for organizing this event. We hope we will soon meet again on the next event of C# Corner in Hyderabad.

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