Whats new in XNA 4.0?

XNA 4.0 CTP is now released with Windows Phone 7. You have now have a great range of Software Development Platfoms. Now you will be developing a game which will run in Windows OS,Windows Phone 7,XBOX 360.

One Architecture to Develop Them All(Kinda LOTR :) )


This is a new namespace added on XNA 4.0 CTP.As you well know Windows Phone has a "Touch Screen" so XNA Development Team wanted to add a namespace that can interact with it
Lets have a look at "Microsoft.Xna.Framework.Input.Touch"!

You can add Touch Namespace in your projects reference code region by calling:


Touch Namespace has some elements:


Lets have a look at them:


Here you can have access to the "Touched" Screens of Windows Phone. You can add a new TouchScreen value or get all the Touched Screens.


This is the place you can get the coordinates of the "touched" screen.


These (Invalid,Moved,Pressed,Released) are the possible states on a Touch Screen. You can use them on TouchLocation Struct to query them whether they are pressed, released, moved or invalid.


This is the Screen of the device. You can get its current Handle, State and Capabilities of the device.


Here you can get the device's capabilities such as Pressure,Connection,MaxTouchCount

I will be talking more about Touch Processes when i get my Windows Phone


In XNA 3.1 the Solution Explorer looked like this:


But in XNA 4.0 Content Section will be aparted from the main project just like a new project added to your solution. But it will be linked in your Main Project as well:


Hardware accelerated 3D API on Windows Phone 7

That means yes 3D Games will be able to played in your Windows Phone 7 Mobile Device. This is a great feature which will change and shape the Game Development Industry & Market.And all you need is a Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 with XNA Game Studio 4.0.Now you can test it with your own device or an emulator.3D Games will be standard as you can understand.
We already know ZUNE Device supports 3D but a support from Windows Phone is a great deal too!


This is a great feature too! You can add Gamertags and 2D Avatar using GamerServices as part of the game experience which will help your game look like much more dynamic and fun.

NO ZUNE in XNA 4.0!

Sadly you will be able to continue develop your 3D-Supported Games in XNA 3.1 but currently there will be no ZUNE in XNA 4.0.By launching a new platform (Windows Phone 7) Microsoft XNA Development Team decided to not to include ZUNE,too inside XNA 4.0.

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