Webinar: - ABC of SSIS & SSRS with C# Corner Mumbai group

What this event about ?

This is an online event in which Mr. Kamal and Mr.Akshay will talk about basic concepts of SSIS.

Who are the trainers?


Mr. Kamal Singh Rawat

Mr. Akshay Patel

Both of them are seasoned .NET developers and conduct regular training in BI.

What is the Agenda?

Agenda is divided in to 2 parts: -

Part 1:

1. Introduction to SSRS
2. Reporting Services Architecture
3. Using Reprot Wizard
4. Reporting Service Configuration Manager
5. Deploy Report
6. Integration with c#

Part 2 :

1. Use BIDS (Business Intelligence Development Studio)
2. Orchestrate Control flow and Data flow
3. Data Importing with different file formats i.e. txt, excel etc.
4. Connection Managers

So how do I register?

Register using this face book and we will remind you one day prior.

What has C# corner Mumbai group done in past?

The group met was on December 2011, click here to see details.

Later it was followed up by a webinar on 4 important Design Patterns.  In case if you have missed it you can view it here.

I am interested in joining C# corner Mumbai group

Send your details to e-mail ID [email protected], [email protected] or [email protected] along with your mobile number and we will inform you about other happening. You can also register by calling us on 022-66752917.

Organized Date: On Sunday, 10th June 2012 @ 8:00 PM India time.

Finally do not forget to visit my site for C# trainings.

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