Add In Built Web Parts In SharePoint Modern Site Page

In the previous article, we have gone through how to create a new SharePoint modern site page. Here, we are going to add Yammer embedded Web part and site activity Web part on SP modern site page.

What is SharePoint modern page?

  • This is one of the new features in SharePoint 2016.
  • Modern team site pages are fast, easy to author and support rich multimedia content. The pages looks great on any device, in a Browser or from within SharePoint app.
  • SPFX (SharePoint Client site Framework) Web part can be easily added in modern pages.
  • These pages are built with Web parts, which you can customize according to your requirements. We can add the things given below in SP modern site pages.

    • Videos
    • Documents
    • Yammer embed feeds
    • Images
    • Site Activities

  • Using pages is a great way to communicate and share your ideas such as status and trip reports, how to write write-ups, know-before-you-go guides and frequently asked questions.


Follow the listed steps given below to add the in-built Web parts to modern site page.

Step 1

Open your SharePoint site.


Step 2

Go to site contents page, using Gear menu, as shown below.


Step 3

Now, select site pages library on site contents page.


Step 4

On the site pages library, open SP modern site page, which you have created before.


Step 5

Now, click Edit the page to add the Web part.


Step 6

On the page, click + (Add) button, followed by selecting the Web part, which you want to add.

  1. I selected the Site Activity Web part.


Site Activity web part will be added in your site page.


Step 7

Now, click Add button to add one more Web part. I selected Yammer embed feed Web part.


Step 8

Now, add web part given below and the properties for Yammer embed Web part are given below.

  1. Web Address – Provide your Yammer Web address, select any group.
  2. Display Size


Step 9

After you added the Web part, click Save and Close the modern site page.


Finally, your web part will be added successfully. Once all the changes are done, publish the page.



In this article, we explored how to add Yammer embed feed Web part and site activities in built Web part on SharePoint modern site page.