C# Corner Ahmedabad Chapter Meet: August 16, 2016 - Official Recap

The C# Corner Ahmedabad Chapter recently hosted an event on August 16, 2016: “Learn Web Scraping and AngularJS” at Ahmedabad Management Association, Ahmedabad. This is the first chapter meet in Ahmedabad. We want to share some of the event highlights with you.

We would like to extend our deepest gratitude to the tremendous speakers and attendees who participated in the event and extended their support.

Here is the list of topics and speakers. All of the speakers delivered even more than what they promised:

Topics Speaker
Introduction to C# Corner and Chapter Jignesh Trivedi
Overview of AngularJS 1.x Jignesh Trivedi
Art of Web Scraping Allen O'neill
Thank you and closing note Jignesh Trivedi

The event started with the warm welcome and “Introduction to C# Corner and Chapter” by Jignesh Trivedi, Microsoft MVP, C# Corner MVP and Chapter lead, and a tremendous speaker.

After the introduction session, the event was kicked off with the first session on “Overview of AngularJs 1.x”. In this session, Jinesh demonstrated the basics of AngularJS with its core features and data binding etc., with proper examples.


Then, Allen O'Neill owned the stage and delivered a very energetic and informative session on the "Art of Web Scraping".


Finally, the event reached its end. Ahmedabad Chapter Lead Jignesh Trivedi extended his gratitude with a “Thank you and closing note.”

After the Closing Note, the meet was concluded with a group photograph.


After the photo shoot, all the attendees were served delicious snacks.


Once again, we would like to thank all the attendees of the C# Corner Ahmedabad Chapter and our speakers for making this meet a great success. We hope for more attendees in future events.

If you would like to be invited to future C# Corner events, then keep in touch with us through our Chapter Page or follow us on Twitter at @CsharpCorner. You can also catch up with us on Facebook at @CsharpCorner and on Google+ too.

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