Create A Community Portal Site Collection In Office 365 (SharePoint Online Site)

In this article, we will see how to create a Community Portal Site Collection in Office 365 SharePoint Online site. This type of site template is used to check out popular communities, discover various topics related to your interests and  also helps to find the answers to your questions and connect with others.

  • Sign in to Office 365, using your global administrator account.


  • In Office 365 Admin Center, chooseAdmin > SharePoint to go to the SharePoint Admin Center.


  • On the Site Collections tab, click New and subsequently click Private Site Collection.

New Site Collection pops up, provide all the required information in each appropriate section. The list sections are given below. 

  • Title
    Type a name for the Community Portal Site Collection. Here, we enter e.g. Sumit_Community Portal.

  • Web Site Address
    To create a new Site Collection, select a domain name in the dropdown list. Also, you can use sites or specify any managed path and type URL name for Community Portal.

  • Template Selection
    Select a language for the Site Collection and under Select a template, choose Enterprise template, which contains Community Portal.

  • Time Zone
    Select your time zone from the dropdown list.

  • Administrator
    Enter the name of a person or a user, who will be the Site Collection administrator for the Community Portal. Also, you can click Check Names or Browse to find a person.

  • Server Resource Quota
    You can keep the default value of 300 for the Community Portal Site Collection or we can enter the number of size of resources (MB), which we want to allocate to this Site Collection.

  • Finally click OK to create new Site Collection.

  • The image given below shows the complete information to create a new Site Collection.



After taking some time, the new Community Portal collection appears in the list of Site Collections.



Your new Community Portal site is ready to work.


Happy reading. Any feedback or suggestions are always welcome. Thank you.