Create eDiscovery Center Site Collection In SharePoint 2013 Office 365


Let's learn about some of the rich features in SharePoint Online, that are available to the developers. This article will help you to create a SharePoint 2013 contact list, using OOTB method in Office 365.

SharePoint 2013 Online is available with Office 365 Enterprise trial version and includes a wide variety of improvements and new features. In this article, we will see how to create new search settings in SharePoint 2013 and how they can be improved in Office 365.

This article will help you to create eDiscovery site collection in SharePoint Office 365.

SharePoint Online

Microsoft says you can easily create team sites, lists, libraries and portals to discover, share, and collaborate on content with colleagues inside and outside your organization from any device. Use this page to configure how search behaves on this site.

  • SharePoint Online is a cloud-based service, hosted by Microsoft, for businesses of all sizes.
  • Instead of installing and deploying Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010 on premises, any business can now simply subscribe to SharePoint Online to provide their employees with an enterprise-grade solution for creating sites to share documents and information with colleagues and customers.

List in SharePoint

A list is a collection of data that you can share with team members and other site users. The App is a word for all kind of SharePoint Lists/Libraries, and SharePoint provides a number of ready-to-use lists and list templates to provide a good starting point for organizing list items.


eDiscovery is a site to manage the preservation, search, and export of content for legal matters and investigations.

eDiscovery is how records managers and litigators discover content in electronic format. Typically, eDiscovery requires searching for documents, websites, and email messages spread across laptops, email servers, file servers, and other sources, and collecting and acting on content that meets the criteria for a legal case.

For more details about eDiscovery center, please see the following URLs.

  • https//
  • https//

Office 365 –SharePoint Online

SharePoint Online is a major step forward for business collaboration deployment options.

Steps to login to Office 365 SharePoint

  • Enter the Office 365 URL and type the username and password.
  • This will redirect to the below page.


Click the office 365 Settings Admin icon like below.


Then, click the SharePoint Admin icon.


You will be redirected to here.


Click new Private Site Collection and select the "Enterprise" tab in template selection.


Enter all the details in the required fields and click to save this.

Yes, the new site is created successfully.


Get Started

  1. Grant your legal users permission to access content across your SharePoint deployment. We recommend creating a security group that contains your legal team members.
  1. To discover Exchange mailboxes, ensure that your administrator has installed the Exchange Web Services Managed Client on all SharePoint servers and have your administrator configure authentication between Exchange and SharePoint.

  2. Give your legal team security group user policy permissions to all appropriate SharePoint web applications that contain content you need to perform eDiscovery on.
  1. Grant your legal users eDiscovery permission for the Exchange mailboxes you must perform eDiscovery actions on.


The Microsoft SharePoint Online Developer Guide is designed to help you gain knowledge and understanding of SharePoint Online within Microsoft Office 365 as you build and extend your online sites to meet your business needs.

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