Donate Your 1 Minute and Change a Life

How much is 1-minute of your time worth? Any guess?
Well, it’s worth a lot.
At least to us. At least to C# Corner community. Your 1-minute may actually impact several lives. Your 1-minute may show someone the path to success. Your 1-minute may help someone get better education, connect to influential people, get a better job, or even find some professional friends.
Let me ask you this, Are you a good citizen of C# Corner? C# Corner community was founded in 2000 to keep a single goal in mind, help developers become good people, and good developers. Today, 3 million people benefit from it each month.
A community is never about a person or a team or a company or a website. A community is not a business. It is about everyone involved in the community. A community has a chance to grow and survive when most of its members support its functions. Some of us help by writing articles or blogs, some help answering forums questions, some help chapters and events, and others help in ideas.
Most of us are either not qualified or have time to write articles, blogs, or answer questions. But it doesn’t mean you can’t help community. There are many other ways to give back to community.
One of the simplest thing you can do is tell your friends, co-workers, students, or someone in need about C# Corner and how they can take advantage of this global crowd-knowledge impactful platform. By just telling them, you may change their lives.
Second thing, you can do is, share C# Corner on your social media accounts such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and G+. You can share an author profile, an interesting article, or a news, chapter events, interviews, etc.
Goal of C# Corner community is simple. Learn, share, and help!
Jai Community!
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