Easy View To Check Plan’s Duration And Finish Dates In Microsoft Project 2013

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At any time in the planning or implementing Project, we must know how long the project is expected to take.

We can expect this by doing some calculations, which are based on task durations, Dependencies, Project Calendar adjustments and many other factors, which we have recorded in the plan but we not going to enter a total project duration or finish date blindly in a plan and there is no need even to do it.

In this article, our main agenda is to find an easy way to view the plan’s duration and schedule start and finish dates via the Timeline view, Project summary tasks and the Project Information ribbon.

Actually we maintain a project plan to help the team to be organized for the upcoming work. In this case, we are frequently asked to provide the current schedule duration and finish date for the project plan.

  • In the Time view, Gantt Chart view is given below, and note the plan’s current start and finish dates, as shown below.

    From the screenshot given above, we can see the entire plan of a project like start and finish date.
  • Now, click on Projects tab, which is shown on menu ribbon.

  • Click Project Information, as shown below. Now, a popup box will appear.

  • From the above screenshot, we can see the finish date, this finish date can’t be edited directly, because this plan is set to be scheduled from the start date.

  • Project calculates the plan’s finish date, which is based on the span of the working days, which are required to complete the tasks, starting at the plan’s start date. Any changes to the start date impacts the project to recalculate the finish date.

  • Now, let’s see at the duration information. Click Statistics, as shown below.

  • When you click Statistics, a pop Window will open, as shown below.

Don’t worry about the numbers given above, the duration is the number of working days between the plan’s start date and finish date.

Project calculates the plan’s duration, which is based on some factors, such as task relationships, which are discussed in Creating Task Dependencies in Microsoft Projects in our previous articles.

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