Enabling Spotlight Images On Windows 10 Lockscreen

In Microsoft Windows 10, Windows Spotlight is an option for the lock screen that shows unique historical photographs and keeps things interesting. Windows Spotlight is available in all computing devices operated on Windows 10.
This feature of Windows 10 was introduced at a Microsoft event. It corresponds to Bing photos of the day. In any case, the component gives you a chance to state "Yay" or "Nay" on portraits. The thought is that users can like targeted pictures. This is why Microsoft obtains new, comparative pictures for a person's lock display.
The feature is a strategy to refresh the Windows 10 lock screen and to make things individualized.
Here is the process by which we can empower our Windows 10 Home with this amazing feature.
Step 1
In this step, open "All Settings" from the Action Center bar, as shown in the below picture.

Step 2
Now, click on the "Personalization" option. This will open the personalization settings for your PC.

Step 3
In the Personalization window, pick the “Lock screen" tab from the left pane and in the "Background" drop-down menu, pick "Windows spotlight".

When you activate the Spotlight for the first time, it will take several restarts (or come back to the lockscreen) to enhance a number of snapshots in your store.
On the lock screen, you can push Spotlight closer to the varieties of images you appreciate. When you see something you like, simply snap "Like what you see?" and after that snap, "I would like more!" to look at more pictures like the present one later on.

 Image source - https://goo.gl/Xhcsel
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