How To Add RSS Feeds In The Sidebar of WordPress

RSS feeds benefit users who want to receive timely updates from favorite websites or to aggregate data from many sites. Many of the websites have a link or a button to their Feeds.

In order to include RSS feeds on your blog or website, you need to follow some steps listed in this post.

Firstly, Go to your WordPress website and click on Customize as shown below:


After clicking "Customize" go to Widgets and then Sidebar.

Click Customize, Widgets, then Sidebar

Add a widget as shown below:


Search for RSS plugin and add it to the sidebar as shown below:

 RSS plugin

If the RSS plugin is not available in your search results then try installing - Yoast SEO,

Once you have added the RSS plugin in your sidebar, enter the details as shown in the screenshot below.


Generally the feed URL is - "" or "". To know more on RSS feeds refer our article - How to create RSS feeds for your BLOG or WEBSITE?

Once you are done with these configurations, click on "Save & Publish". Your RSS feed will start appearing in your sidebar section.


TIP: You can add the feed anywhere on your blog or website. Generally, people like to place it on sidebar or footer section.

Please do let me know if you are facing any issue following this blog post in the comments section below. Enjoy Reading!

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