How To Check Backup And Restore Job Status In SharePoint 2013 Central Administration

You can have your Farm back up configured or restored files for various purposes, for example, to save a copy or to restore it to another Server. Here, you view the status of the backup and restore jobs running on this Central Admin.

How do we check it?

Let’s open Central Admin of SharePoint on your machine. On your Windows desktop screen, click Start >> Administrative Tools >> SharePoint 2013 Central Administration.

  • Run it as an administrator to have elevated privileges.
  • You will see the screenshot given below.

  • Central Admin is configured under the categories given above.
  • Click Backup and Restore.

  • Go to Farm Backup and Restore.

  • Click Check backup and restore job status.
  • You will see the screen given below. Click it.


This link provides us with all the backed up and restored jobs which are running and their status, which was scheduled or run as Services manually or automatically, thereby providing you complete details on the jobs.

This view helps to locate the reason for failures, if there are any  errors, or provides a notification of successful backup and restoration.

In this article, we saw how to check the backup and restore job status in SharePoint 2013 Central Admin. There are more articles to come on Central Administration. Until then, keep reading and keep learning.

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