How To Connect A Box To Google Drive For Business Using Microsoft Flow

Microsoft Flow

Microsoft Flow is a cloud-based service. It allows us to react to an event in one service and do something with the data from that event into another service. The users can build workflows that automatically do some business tasks and processes across applications and services.

It helps us to monitor all our workflow with the help of a great cloud solution called “Microsoft Flow”. Before reading this article, please go through some important articles mentioned below.


Box is a cloud computing business which provides file-sharing, collaborating and other tools for working with files that are uploaded to its servers. Users can determine how their content can be shared with other users. Users may invite others to view and/or edit an account's shared files, upload documents, and photos to a shared files folder (and thus share those documents outside Box), and give other users rights to view shared files. Login here to view Box functionality.

Google Drive

Google Drive is a file storage and synchronization service developed by Google. Google Drive allows the users to store files in the cloud, synchronize files across devices, and share files. Login here.

Now, we are connecting the OneDrive and Google Drive for backing up their data.

How to create a Microsoft Flow to connect the Box and Google Drive

Here, we will connect Box to Google Drive.


  • Microsoft Account – Corporate ID.
  • Box Account.
  • Google Drive Account

Follow the below steps to build a Flow using a template.

Step 1

Sign in to Box account.

Create a folder in Box.

The folder is created.

Step 2

Log in to

Here is the dashboard.

Step 3

Choose the Templates menu from the menu bar.

Search "Box to Google Drive" in the search bar and choose “Box files to Google Drive Files " template. Now, click on the "Use this template" button.

Step 4

Sign into Box and give it permission to access your accounts.

Step 5

Sign into Google Drive and give it permission to access your accounts.

Step 6

After all of these get configured, click on the "Continue" button.

Step 7

Next, let us configure the flow using Box and Google Drive.

Now, choose a folder in the Box.

Choose folder in Google Drive.

The final Flow should be like this. Click on "Save Flow".

The Flow is created.


Upload Image in Box.

Image Uploaded.

The image is saved to Google Drive in a specific folder.

Open the image.

Here is the history of the flow.


I hope you understood how to connect Box to Google Drive automatically. Stay tuned for more Flow articles.