How To Control The Level Of Permissions On Your PowerApps While Sharing

In this article, we will see how to give PowerApps access permission to other users. In the previous article, we have gone through the Introduction to PowerApps and Creating Template with it.

PowerApps are mainly used by business people who need to share their app for quick entry in the entire organization. They don’t need any technical support on this. You should follow the below steps and points to share the app with others.

  • You can share apps with users in your organization but not users on another tenant.
  • You can share an app from but not from PowerApps Studio. (Click or tap the Share icon in PowerApps Studio to open
  • To share an app, you must save it to the cloud, not locally.

Step 1

Click the Gear icon.


Step 2

Click "All apps" to choose PowerApps.


Step 3

Three options are there to share the PowerApps. Let us see them.

Option 1 - Click “Share”.


Option 2 -  Click “Edit on the Web”.

Open the application and click “File”.


Click “Share”.


Option 3 - Click “Share”.

Step 4

The above three options will open the below page. You can specify their names, email addresses, and user groups to share this app with an entire organization.

Step 5

Entered names (Users) are added to Shared Person list. You can choose either “use” or “edit” permission and click “Save”.


Step 6

If you want to remove the shared permission for a user. Click X icon to remove the users.

Step 7

Before you share an app, give it a meaningful name and description, so the users know what your app is about and can easily pick it out from a list. On the File menu in PowerApps, click App settings, and enter a description.


Step 8

Based on the permissions, the shared person uses the app. Under Permissions column, you can see the owner, can use, can edit, values. If the permission has owner value, this means that user has created the app. So, simply, the user who created the app is the owner of the app.

If a user has the “edit” permission, they can run the app, customize it, and share the app with customized version to other users. And also, they can remove the shared permission for other users.

If the owner has given permission to other users, the “edit” permission users can remove the permission whoever given the permission to access.

If they have “use” permission, users or groups can run the app but not share it.

Click “Open” to run the application.

Hope, you have found this article helpful.

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