How To Host Your Web Apps On Azure Via FileZilla

In this article, I’m going to upload a website to the Microsoft Azure via FileZilla (FTP). FileZilla is a cross platform FTP application which is a totally free software. We’ll create a Web App then download and publisha  profile of that Web App.

For creating a new Web App you must login into Azure.

Go to WEB APPS, and select “NEW” button at the bottom of the window.



  • Enter the name of your Web App.
  • Enter your subscription.
  • Select region/location of your Web App.
  • Click on to “CREATE WEB APP”.


Wait for few seconds to complete processing, your WebApp is created and in running mode.


After creating our Web App on Azure, you can start with Visual Studio, write some text in to HTML page and that text will show in browser. We’ll see how we can publish our website to Azure without Visual Studio.

So, create a simple application from Visual Studio and make some HTML text in to HTML page. Here's the screenshot,


So, now our Web App and HTML text are completed, go back to your Web App.

Click on to your Existing Web App and select “DASHBOARD” to download the publish profile of your Web App.

web app

In dashboard panel click on to “Download the Publish Profile”.


Right click  on the  downloadable file and open it with Notepad to collect all the FTP information.


In the following screenshot, you will get publishUrl (which is your host name), username and user password.


Now you will need to download FileZilla software from its official website. For more you can see the following screenshot,


Accept the terms of license agreement by clicking on “I Agree”.


This will ask for administration of FileZilla whether you want for Anyone or only for you, so here I’m selecting all users, click on to next button.


Next step of setup is selecting components of FileZilla which you want to install, so mark all the components and click on the next button.


Select the path of installation, and click on the next button.


The following screenshot is asking for start menu and if you do not want to create a shortcut then check on "Do not create shortcut", and click on “Install” button.


Your setup is being installed.


Click on to finish button to complete the process of setup.


In File menu select “Site Manager”.

Site Manager

Under the site manager click on “New Site”.

New Site

Give a name to your new site.

Under the General tab in the right side give the following values according to the following screenshot,

Host: Paste the hostname from publishUrl obtained from the published settings file above in Notepad.
Logon Type: Set this to Normal.
User: Paste the userName obtained from the publish settings file above in Notepad.
Password: Paste the userPWD obtained from the publish settings file above in Notepad.

Click on Connect to connect to the site over FTP.

You will see two folders under the root: Logfiles and Site.


Or you can follow the following procedure,


After connecting to the server your status will be successful and wwwroot folder will get created in directory.


Now go to your Visual Studio project and select all the files of project, by clicking right, upload it.


So, we created an html file with “info” named in my Visual Studio, change the name of file info.html to index.html. For more see the following screenshot.

We have a connection with the FTP Server on Azure Cloud and on our local PC.


If everything is completed successfully then go back to your Web App and click on it.


So here I got my result, I have successfully deployed our HTML page. We can publish our website to Azure without Visual Studio.


I hope you enjoyed this article. Stay tuned with me for more on Azure and other Microsoft technologies.


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