How To Move Site Or Subsite To Another Site Or Subsite In SharePoint Online


Sometimes, there is a situation in which we need to move one subsite to another subsite.

We have received one requirement from one of our clients. Initially, they have created many subsites under one site collection. Now, they want to move those multiple subsites under another subsite.

Let’s take one scenario.

I have the following sites and subsites.


Now, I want to move to

Here, we will use site manager to move this file.

Now, let’s get started.

Step 1

Let’s observe the site first that we want to move.

The site has one document library and one custom list which will be moved along with the site.

Step 2

Open site manager using the following URL.


Here, in my case,

Your site =

It will open the Site Manager like this.

Step 3

In Site Manager, the left side shows all the available sites under root side.


The right side shows all the contents available in the selected site from the left pane.

Step 4

Now, let’s move test1( site to test2.

To do so, we will select the test1 site. It shows all content to the right side.

Step 5

Right-click on Test 1 and click on Move.


Step 6

It will open a pop-up to select a destination site.


Select Test2 and press OK.


Step 7

It will take some time to move the site from one subsite to another.

Step 8

Now, our subsite has been moved successfully.

Please refer the below screenshot for it.


This is how we can move a subsite from one subsite to another subsite.

Hope you enjoyed this article.

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