Installation Of Office Online Server For SharePoint 2016 - Part Two

In this article, I will walk through all the steps required to install the Office Online Server and Language Pack. Installation process is almost the same as in SharePoint 2016.

You have to download the OOS from the volume licensing service center and place it on the Server. Also, download the language pack for Office Online Server from this location.

Installation of Office Online Server

Please follow the below steps to install the OOS.

  • Log onto the Server with an account with local Admin rights.
  • Browse to the location of the OOS binaries and double click on the Setup file.

  • Click "Yes" on the User Account Control.

  • Accept the terms of this agreement and click "Continue".

  • Select the path where you want to install the OOS. Make sure that drive has enough space to accommodate this installation (it is highly recomneded to not to use the system drive for installation location of your Server products). After selecting the path, click "Install Now".

  • Now, wait for serveral minutes as installation of Office Online Server is in progress.

  • It may show this message. Again reminding you that this may take a few minutes.

  • Once it finishes the installation of OOS, you will get message to configure it.

This will complete the installation of the Office Online Server. We are not configuring it at this point as we have to install the extra language pack. If you want to install any update on for Office Online Server, then this is right time to install it. Once you configure the farm, it will be a little complicated. Our binaries included all the latest updates so no extra updates are required. Now we will procced with the next step which is the installation of language pack for office online server.

Note: If you want to install the extra language pack, install it before installing any updates to the farm.

Installation of Language packs for Office Online Server

In this section, we will walk through the steps of the installation of Spanish Language packs (same steps applied to all other language packs). One thing to keep in mind is all the messages and text that appear on the installation windows will be in Spanish.

  • Browse to the location where language pack binaries were downloaded and click on the wacserverlanguagepack

  • Click "Yes" on the User Account Control.

  • Accept the terms of the contract (Acepto los términos del contrato).

  • Wait for a couple of minutes as installation is in progress (instalación en progreso).

  • You will get a successful message once it completes the installation.

  • Repeate the above steps for all extra language packs you want to configrue.

Note Make sure that the same language pack is installed on your SharePoint Server 2016, otherwise multi-lingual function will not work.

This will complete the installation of OOS along with Language packs. Now, it is time to configure Office Online.