Manage and Administer ASP.NET Web Sites in Visual Studio 2005

ASP.NET Web applications deployment was one of the area developers weren't comfortable editing configuration files, creating virtual directories, and copying files on the deployment machines.

Now Visual Studio 2005 takes care of all this with the help of ASP.NET Web Application Administration wizard. You can launch this wizard by selecting ASP.NET Configuration menu option. In this article, we will see ASP.NET configuration options. I will be discussing these options in more details in my future articles.

ASP.NET Web Application Administration wizard allows you to manage Web site security, visitors and profiles, application settings, and application providers.

The security tab allows you to set authentication and user roles. First you enable roles and then create and manage roles.

The Profile tab allows you to manage user profiles.

Application tab allows you to set application configuration counters and counter reports. This is a new feature in ASP.NET 2.0. By setting report counters, we can easily gather the site visitors data.

The Provider tab allows you to select the providers used in the application.

By default AspNetAccessProvider is set but you can select AspNetSqlProvider. On this page, you can also select role providers. I will be discussing providers in more details in my forthcoming articles.

Hope you like what you see in Visual Studio 2005. I will be exploring more new features of Visual Studio 2005 in my forthcoming articles. Cheers!