Migrate Bot Application From Bot Portal To Azure Portal

In this article, I will share thoughts about the migration of existing registered bots from the Bot portal (https://dev.botframework.com) to Microsoft Azure portal. I have registered a few sample bots in my Bot Framework account. So, recently, I opened that and saw there was a notification popping in the middle top of the portal. Then, I thought to migrate it as well as share with you, audience, so that you can have at least a look at how it works.

Kindly refer to the following window for reference.

Bot Portal
There will be a very few steps to meet this objective.

Objective - Migration of registered bot to ARM portal

Step 1

Open https://dev.botframework.com in the desired browser and log in to your account.

Step 2

As soon as you log into the account, you will see one or more registered bots there in your account. In my account, I have two bots which I created earlier, as depicted in the given image.

Bot Portal


Click on the "Migrate" button and the following window will appear. Choose the Bot Service pricing tier and other pertinent things.
Bot Portal

Step 4

Again, click the "Migrate" button and the following windows will appear. Do read the terms and conditions carefully and proceed further clicking on "Agree".

Bot Portal

The next window will appear showing the process going on notification.

Bot Portal

Step 5

As soon as the above-given process completes,  it prompts a message stating, your bot has been migrated.

Bot Portal

Step 6

Click on "Open the new bot" and it takes you to the ARM portal.

Bot Portal

Step 7

To test if your bot is working as expected, kindly choose the option of "Test in Web Chat", as shown in the below screenshot.

Bot Portal

Bot Portal

Your bot is up to the mark and running as anticipated. Hope it will help you.

Happy Migration!!!