Quick Start Tutorial: Manual Or Quick Way Of Xamarin And Simulator Installation

Installation of Xamarin

This part of the article explains about the quick or manual way of Xamarin installation and it is completely based on Windows installation.


As per my personal experience, don’t install Xamarin via VS2015. It will take lot of time (Generally VS 2015 installation takes more time to install the software).

Installation steps are divided into three parts,

  1. Android installation
  2. Xamarin
  3. Xamarin Android player simulator

Android installation

  1. Java SDK version

    Java SDK Version must be 32 bit version; whether system is in 64 bit architecture.

    Download JDK version from here.

    Accept the license agreement and download the software. 

  2. Android SDK Install

    Install Android SDK and download the file below link Download:

  3. Android NDK (Native Development Kit) Download:

  4. Android SDK Manager

    After successful installation of the Android SDK, open SDK manager.

    1. Tools must be installed.

    2. Select the Android version (learning purpose will install the latest version of API). SDK platform and Google APIs should be installed. With system image, you can install all or based on the needs install the specific image.

  5. Mono GTK

    This is an optional package for Windows. If you are using Visual studio, this package installation is not required, Xamarin studio is required to be installed.

Xamarin Installation

  1. Xamarin SDK Installation

    To use Xamarin, we have to create Xamarin account (MSDN subscriber, use the MSDNaccount)

    Create the account for Xamarin.

    Once the account is created, login into the Xamarin account from the Login Page,

    Select the dashboard -> select download menu -> click the view version and select the Xamarin.Andriod and download the latest version & install it.

    Install the Xamarin for Visual Studio.

Activate Xamarin

  1. Open Visual Studio -> Tools Menu ->Xamarin account.

  2. Login through MSDN account or Xamarin account.

  3. Xamarin has been activated.

Xamarin Android Playersimulator

This simulator is fast compared to any other simulator. It’s in preview release that we can use for learning purposes and  select the Windows download simulator.

  1. Install the Xamarin Android player.

  2. Installation is done, and open the Android player. Select the simulator device and install (Internet is required).

    After successful installation, the simulator is ready to use.

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