Re-Enable A VSTO Add-In That Has Been Disabled

In this article, you will learn how to re-enable a VSTO add-in that has been disabled.
Disabled VSTO Add-ins
Whenever running our VSTO Add-in application, sometimes we can see one dialog box with Yes & No buttons.
When you click on "Yes", the VSTO Add-in will be disabled for a long time until we enable it. So please check the following steps to enable VSTO Adds-In our Word application.
Step 1
Click on the "File" menu in Microsoft Office.
Step 2
Once we click on the "File" menu, then it will open another menu with "Options" button. Click on the "Options".
Step 3
Once we click the "Options" button, it will open a dialog box. Then, click on the "Add-ins" in the left menu panel.
Step 4
The "Add-ins" will provide multiple options, but we need to enable the Add-ins in our application; so click on your application name (WordAddIn1 is our app name) inside the "Disabled Application Add-ins" list. Then, select "Manage" as "Disabled Items" in the dropdown list and click on the "Go" button.
Step 5
Once we click on the "Go" button, it will pop up one more dialog box. In that dialog box, just click and select your app name and then click the "Enable" button. Then, click "OK" button in "Step 4". Once we have done this, the customized Add-ins will start appearing in the Office application.
We learned how to re-enable a VSTO Add-in that has been disabled, in MS Word. I hope this article will be useful for beginners.
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