Renew Nintex Workflow 2016 License In SharePoint 2016 Environment

SharePoint 2016 general availability had been announced in the Future Of SharePoint conference in May 2016. The series that discusses the installation of SharePoint 2016 in Azure can be found at C# Corner from the links, given below-

Nintex is a premium technology partner for SharePoint. With the announcement of SharePoint 2016, Nintex has made the announcement of the General Availability of Nintex Workflow 2016 in July 11, 2016.You can get a trial license of Nintex Workflow 2016 for the installation with SharePoint 2016 here . I had been working with the new Nintex Workflow version for the past month and suddenly one day, when I tried to open Nintex Workflow, I was stuck with the expiry message.

Nintex Workflow

The error message stated that the license has expired and I had to renew it. You can get the new license by requesting it at Once your trial expires, you will have to request for an enterprise license.


Thus, I requested for the new license and received the .NLFX file, which is the license file, we have to associate with Nintex.

.nlfx file

Let’s see, how we can attach the new file with Nintex Workflow 2016 installation in SharePoint 2016. From Central Administration, go to Nintex Administration tab and click Licensing.


It will show the page with the license expiry information.


In the same page, we have the option to import the new license. Click ‘Import license file’.

Import license file

Import license file

Click Choose file to browse and select the .NLFX file.

.nlfx file

Select the file and click ‘Upload license file’.

Upload license file

Click Import to add the license to Nintex Installation.


The new trial license has been imported to Nintex Environment.

new trial license

Now, let’s go ahead and try to create a new Nintex Workflow from the list.

new Nintex Workflow

The designer opens up without any errors.


Thus, we have seen, how to import a new license into Nintex Workflow 2016 environment in SharePoint 2016.

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