SharePoint 2013 - How To Migrate SharePoint 2010 Style Workflows - Part Three

In the previous article, SharePoint 2013 : How to migrate SharePoint 2010 Style Workflows – Part 2, on the Workflow migration Process we saw the execution of Steps 3 & 4 for the process.

In this article we are going to see the execution of Steps 5 & 6 and for the sake of quick review I am putting up the process diagrams again in here.

Process Diagram

Step 5 - Source Site – Export Workflow

So up until now we have tested the workflow and it seems it is working all fine

Now finally it is time to move it out of Source Site “Site001”

  • Launch the SharePoint Designer 2013
  • Click on the Workflow in left navigation
  • Select “CustomerLogs” Workflow
  • Click on “Save as Template” from the Ribbon Control


This will export the workflow as .WSP file at the selected drive location


With this last action we are all done with the Source Site “Site001”

Please note that we have performed all the above steps just to simulate a proper business case where someone already created a Workflow and now we need to move it to some other SharePoint Site. In case you already have a workflow created then you can always skip the steps above

Step 6 - Destination Site – Provision Content Type

In order to move the Workflow based on the content type we need to first deploy the Content Type Solution to the Destination Site “Site002”

You should deploy it using PowerShell; in here I am making use of Visual Studio to get it deployed as shown below,



Once the Content Type Solution is deployed successfully we should enable the feature to provision the Content Type


In order to verify if the Content Type has been provisioned correctly we should go as follows:

  • Go to Site Settings
  • Click on “Site Content Types” link

We can filter the list of available Content Types by “Custom Content Types” Group

And there we can see the “CustomerCT” content type provisioned correctly


That is all for this demo.

We will be looking for Step 7 & 8 in Part 4 of this Series.

Hope you find it helpful.