Skills You Need To Land That Big Data Job

With the current massive quantity of data in the word, there is a need of having the relevant skills for its processing. This has caused an upward trend in the job opportunities, especially for those who can manipulate the data and create more avenues for development. Unless you are unique enough with possession of highly desired skills, you will succumb to the stiff competition being experienced in the field of data processing. Such skills include Apache Hadoop, Python, and NoSQL, to name a few.

The skills with high demand
So, which data processing skills do you need, then, to land the big data jobs? According to various job-listing sites, there has been a more than 45 percent rise in the search of experts with skills in NoSQL, especially for those who have experience in unstructured data systems. The searches for the other skills, like Apache Hadoop and Python, have also posted a consistent rise.
The Python language
Python language is considered the next big thing in programming, because of its powerful library for data processing, and its simplicity of use. When comparing this language with Apache Hadoop and other NoSQL variants like MongoDB, Python ranked highest because not only can it be used in the general purpose programming, but also in other fields, like Physics and Engineering. This is the reason you would be better placed, if you possess this skill.
Additional requirement
Another thing worth noting, is that most job listings had a specific specification for the skills in demand. It was evident that the job requests were looking for the remote DBA experts who can comfortably handle big data. According to one job listing site,, there was also an increase in the request for SaaS and cloud. The main challenge brought about by this, is that job seekers may sooner be required to have a combination of skills, if they are to beat the competition in the market. For example, an employee may be required to have both Apache Hadoop and cloud storage expertise.
Which skills command higher pay? 
With all that said, what is the compensation for the more analytic skills? As observed by many job listing sites, like, the more analytic skills commanded more compensation. Such skills are the different NoSQL variants, such as MongoDB that had a pay  upwards of $60,000. For Python and Apache Hadoop, the pay did not vary very much. An employee with the relevant skills in Python and Hadoop, received a minimum pay of $50,000.
Go for more analytic skills
What makes more analytic skills more important? As stated earlier, only those with more and relevant data processing skills, will survive the high competition, in analyzing the big data available in the various sectors of our economies. This reason is enough to have the more analytical skills that can be used to convert data into meaningful insights. The big data reality that is being embraced all over the world, will bring the need for everyone in the affected sectors, to have an adjustment in their occupation and know how to work with big data.

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