Step To Configure Search Service In SharePoint 2013 – Part Two


SharePoint 2013 provides a strong and capable search engine which has two search engines "SharePoint Search" and "FAST Search" combined into one Search Engine. SharePoint 2013 has ambitions to provide searching across a wider range of content like documents, videos, images, contents, etc. In this article, I will explain how to configure search service in SharePoint 2013.

In my previous article, we have seen how to create Managed Accounts, Create Search service application, Configure Search service application.

In this article, we are going to see how to create content source, crawl schedule, crawl result, and search result.

Step 4 Create Content Source 

1. To do that, go to Central Administration page and click on "Application Management".

2. Click on "Manage service applications" in Application Management page.

3. All the services will appear. Click on the "Search service application" that we created in step 2.

4. Search administrator page will appears.

5. Click on "Content Sources" on the right side menu.

6. Click on “New Content Source”.

7. Type the name for the Content Source.

8. Select the Content Source Type as SharePoint sites.

9. Give the start address' URL of the site needed for crawling.

10. Select crawling behavior for all start addresses in this content source.

Step 5 Crawl Schedules

1. To create Full and Incremental Crawl, select the “Enable Incremental Crawl” radio button under Crawl Schedules.

2. To create Incremental Crawl, click on “Create schedule” under Incremental Crawl.

3. "Manage Schedules" dialog box appears.

4. Select the type of Incremental Crawl, like Daily, Weekly or Monthly schedule.

5. Based on the above selection type, fill the settings values. Click "OK" to create the Incremental Crawl.

6. To create "Full Crawl", click on “Create schedule” under Full Crawl.

7. "Manage Schedules" dialog box appears.

8. Select the type of Full Crawl, like Daily, Weekly or Monthly schedule.

9. Based on the above selection type, fill the settings values. Click "OK" to create the Full Crawl.

10. Select the content source priority for the crawled content as Normal or High.

11. To enable the continuous crawl, select the “Enable Continuous crawl” under Crawl Schedule. This is new feature in SharePoint 2013. In the previous versions of SharePoint whenever users upload the content they have to wait till the next increment to complete to see the contents in search, but now once the contents get uploaded into SharePoint details will get displayed as early as possible with this continuous crawl.

12. While creating the content source, the incremental crawl will get disabled. It says that you don't require the incremental crawl because it has been set to "Enable Continuous Crawl."

Step 6 Crawl Results

1. Once done with the steps above, please start a full crawl by clicking on the content source.

2. Wait until the full crawl is complete. It will take some time to complete the crawl.

3. To view the crawl logs, click on Content Source -> View Crawl Log.

4. Crawl logs will appears as below.

Step 7 Search Results

1. Go to the SharePoint site which we have added/created the content source and enter some text in the search box.

2. Search result will appear in search result webpart.

3. We can filter the results using "Search filter" web part.


Thus, you have learned how
to configure Search Service in SharePoint 2013.

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