View And Update Document Information

What is Document Information Panel (DIP)?

A document information panel is a form that is displayed within the client application, and which contains fields for the document metadata/column values.


  1. In SharePoint, every document library has some common metadata entries that include document’s author, company, title, subject, created by, and modified by etc.
  2. Each time someone edits and saves a file, Word updates the document’s metadata.
  3. If a user wants to update the column values/meta data, they can update directly from a client application using this Document Information Panel (DIP). Opening the document with valid credential, document properties/meta data value will be updated into the site.

View/Edit Document Properties/Meta Data in Document Information Panel


Here, I am using IE Browser and Office 2013 Version to open the files.


Open the document library where you want the document to be opened with valid credentials in a SharePoint site.

Then, I just want to open the “Article Requests” Document and also, we can see the “Status” Column of this document is “Published”.

Click on the document name in order to open and give the valid credentials, like below.

Then, you will see the “Edit Document” Button.

Open Document Information Panel (DIP) in Word 2010 and 2013

Click File tab ->In the left navigation panel, click the Info category.

On the right side of the screen, click the Properties drop-down and choose "Show Document Panel" in the menu.