Working On The Look And Feel Of SharePoint/ Office 365 Developer Site


You can access the Look and Feel section of the Site Settings page in your SharePoint Online /O365 from the Site Actions menu. You must have designer or owner permission to change any of these items.

SharePoint has the below sections under the look and feel section

Look and Feel Section has the below links,

  1. Title, description and Logo
  2. Quick launch
  3. Top Link Bar
  4. Navigation Elements
  5. Change the Look

Here we will see about the topics one by one,

Title, description and Logo

After clicking the link you will be redirected to the below section ,

Type a title and description for your site if you want to change this.

Logo and Description

Associate a logo with this site. Add an optional description for the image. Note: If the file location has a local relative address, for example, /_layouts/images/logo.gif, you must copy the graphics file to that location on each front-end Web server.

Web Site Address

Users can navigate to your site by typing the Web site address (URL) into their browser. You can enter the last part of the address. You should keep it short and easy to remember.

For example,

Quick launch -This section will help you to create a shortcut on the left site of the Sharepoint page

If you click the new heading /new link it will appear in the left panel

Top link bar,

Navigation Elements -- in this section we can choose if the Global navigation is needed or not like this,

Specify whether the Quick Launch should be displayed to aid navigation. The Quick Launch displays site contents in a logical manner.

Change the Look

Here we can change the SharePoint Look and Feel theme,

An Office 365 Developer Site makes it easier to get set up and start creating, testing, and deploying your Office and SharePoint Add-ins more quickly.

If you have an Office 365 Small Business subscription, it supports only a single site collection, and so you can’t create a Developer Site collection.

How to activate the Developer site in SharePoint O365

Sign in to Office 365 as a Global or SharePoint Online admin.

Click the App Launcher button on the far left of the navigation bar at top.

Click the Admin tile.

In the navigation tree on the left, expand Admin, and select SharePoint

Next click the Admin icon

Then select the Sharepoint Admin

Click new icon in the Sitecollections Tab and choose the below Private SiteCollection

After you save the form it will take time to create a new site collection,

New SharePoint Developer Site is ready.

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