Windows Phone development
Caselle Torinese (Italy)
While not a developer by profession, I'm doing the programming one of my greatest passions. I follow the development of applications .NET Framework preferred development languages ​​like C #, VB.NET, LINQ, and most recently on Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8. I am passionate about programming dotnet, when can I contribute on the Forums Msdn Italians and Americans willingly, I write simple code examples on the TechNet Gallery and wiky TechNet, I had the opportunity to be his debut as a speaker and in the Italian community Visual Basic Tips & Tricks and Torino Tecnologies Groups. Recently i'm author of articles on the TechNet Wiki Ninjas Blog and author of Microsoft Community Forum for Windows Phone. Recently, i've been nominated Editor on Msdn Italian Forum on Windows Phone category, and Moderator on the Italian Forum Microsoft Community for Windows Phone consumer.
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