C# Corner New Features Announced

We are pleased to announce some exciting new features launched on C# Corner.

In a set of new feature announcements, this week we launched some new features on the C# Corner website. Please provide your feedback on these new features.

Please let us know what your perspective on these features is by posting comments below.

We have implemented the emoticons for more clarified feedback on each article, news, or blog. We have also taken into consideration points raised by the users in the post earlier about the “Thumbs Down” emoticon. When the user dislikes any content, he/she can provide a reason for the same.

Statistics and follow feature is now available on all the content which is posted by the author.

Removal of admin / editor / full time writers from Rank Calculation: As promised, we are excluding C# Corner admin, editors, and full-time writers from the platform member ranking, which will result in many authors ranking changing in an upward direction.

My Account
  • Count is added for the number of followed categories.
  • The user can now delete unpublished news. News which is rejected or is in pending stage in the user’s account can be deleted now.
  • Search Box is added in Bookmarks.


  • User’s skill set is removed - Anybody willing to register will now not have to supply his/her skill set.
  • Zip and City field is added.
  • Forgot Password feature is changed. The user will only be provided three attempts to supply security question answer. After three failed attempts, the user will only have the option to reset the password through E-mail.

Profile Page

  • The user needs to provide Microsoft MVP profile URL in C# Corner edit profile page.
  • MVP Nomination feature is added – MVPs can now nominate any user for C# Corner MVP. The users who are already an MVP can’t be nominated.
  • “Tutorials” are removed and merged with “Articles” from the list of user’s contributions.
  • "EBooks" are added in contributions section
  • GitHub URL is added on the user profile, where the users can now share their Github profile on the C# Corner profile page. Option to link GitHub URL is available in “My Settings”.
  • RSS feed is now available for the author’s content of all types.
  • “Latest Articles” is replaced with “Recent Posts” on the user profile page. Earlier it used to contain article contribution only. Now, it contains all types of content like articles, blogs, news, videos and forums.

Comments Section

  • Reporting SPAM in comments section is possible now. If the users find any comments, which are not suitable or derogatory, they can report the comment as SPAM.
  • Comments will remain in Browser Cache until posted or the cache is cleared.

Some other features, which are implemented in this version are as follows.

  • Technologies Listing Page is redesigned.
  • Auto Refresh is implemented on Notifications (duration is set to 1 minute).
  • Content View Count is prevented from increasing until it's published.
  • Chapter event registration enabled for the users worldwide as per their time zone.
  • Daily Login Points are added for the users.
  • Undo Like / Dislike is added on ideas.
  • Sort by "UpVotes/Downvotes" is added on Ideas listing.
  • Notification for Idea Vote Up/Down is now sent to the author.
  • RSS feed is now available on “Recent Posts” page.
  • Date/Time on All Messages Page is set to the user’s time zone.
  • Article Status change notification is implemented.
  • Forum Replied will remain saved in Browser Cache until it is posted or new reply is being posted or the cache is cleared.