Ellison slams AWS at Oracle Open World 2016

The supplier’s CTO was building on a claim to leadership in the area of infrastructure as a service (IaaS), which he asserted during his first conference day keynote.

“Not only is Amazon not optimised for the Oracle database, it is not optimised for its own,” he said.

Ellison presented Oracle’s history as showing a pattern of helping customers preserve the value of their existing database investments while migrating them to the next technology generation.

As with the move from the client-server model to internet computing, so it would be from on-premise to the cloud, he said.

But disdain for AWS was the hallmark of his second Oracle OpenWorld keynote.

According to Ellison, Amazon’s own databases – Redshift, for data warehousing; Aurora, compatible with MySQL; and Dynamo, a NoSQL database known to be highly scalable – are “20 years behind the times”,  and the AWS infrastructure is “more closed than an IBM mainframe. Once you are in, you can’t move out.