Google has bought the "app" TLD

Google has paid $25 million for the "app" TLD.

We are all familiar with web site addresses ending with "com", "org", "net" and a few others. That portion of domain names is called the Top Level Domain (TLD). What many people do not know is how many other TLDs there are. To begin, every country has a TLD reserved for it's use and the respective countries can sell domain names with their TLD if they want to. For example the TLD "MD" for the web site Web.MD is for the country Moldova. There are many TLDs reserved for specific purposes and many (most) are sold for use by the buyer. The owner of a TLD can then sell specific domain names that have the TLD.

The "tech" TLD was purchased by Dot Tech LLC for $6.7 million. Amazon has purchased the "buy" TLD for nearly $5 million and the "spot" TLD for $2.2 million.

Google recently spent $25 million for the "app" TLD. Therefore you will in the future see domain names ending with "app", such as "".

Google is also developing its own domain name restration service but it is still in beta. Therefore we will soon be able to purchase doman names from Google.