Microsoft Azure Earns CSA STAR Certification

Microsoft Azure has been awarded the STAR Certificate (Security, Trust & Assurance Registry),  a freely accessible public registry maintained by CSA (Cloud Security Alliance).
Microsoft, in its official blog, states,
This is very exciting for us since Microsoft Azure is the only major public cloud service provider to earn this certification with the highest possible Gold Award for the maturity capability assessment.

With CSA STAR Certification, customers can gain confidence that Microsoft Azure is meeting customer needs and relevant regulatory requirements, as well as actively monitoring, measuring, and continually improving the effectiveness of our management system.
Also, Microsoft has proved that with its certified (now) cloud service, i.e. Azure, the company has been providing effective solutions and corrective action methods to customer complaints. The Azure service has built a systematic process of implementing a proven approach to eliminate the client issues from roots.
The CSA STAR certification has added more trust and reliability to the Azure and boosted the morale of the Azure Team to work hard so as to provide great satisfaction to the Azure users. The certificate covers not only the Azure but Power BI and Intune Services too. You can download the certificate won by Azure from here