Oracle releases Java EE 7 focused-HTML5

Oracle has announced the latest version of enterprise Java with eye on HTML5 development.

Oracle on Wednesday formally announced the availability of Java Platform Enterprise Edition ( EE ) 7, with new capabilities for HTML5-based applications, developer productivity and enterprise demands. The company said that, "HTML5 applications are easier to build with Java EE 7 through features such as "low-latency, bi-directional communication with WebSockets," data exchange via JSON and the ability to support more concurrent users."

A famous analyst of IDC, Al Hilwa said that, "In this age of the polyglot programmer, Java EE 7 will allow Java to remain one of the most widely deployed technologies for server applications on the planet," Other aspects of Java EE 7 are aimed at performance and scalability. Like batch jobs can be divided into "manageable chunks," giving OLTP (online transaction processing) applications uninterrupted performance.

Oracle is acceding cloud capabilities in Java EE until the subsequent Java EE 8 release, although such areas as resource definition metadata are being addressed in EE 7 in relation to cloud computing. This update will surely bring about an update to the Java Messaging Service. The 2.0 release will look to simplify the process of delivering
within Java applications. Download SDK for Java EE 7 on Oracle's website.